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Fungible Tokens is used to create interchangeable tokens. The total supply of fungible tokens needs to be determined at creation.
Minting NFT is used to create an NFT collection. The minting NFT has the ability to mint new NFTs with the same tokenId.
Immutable NFT is used to create a one-off NFT. There is no option to create more NFTs of the same kind.

Choose the total supply of fungible tokens
If you set decimals in the metadata, take the amount of the smallest unit
(for 100 A-tokens with 2 decimals this means 10,000 units)
Add immutable commitment data to add to this NFT (hexadecimals only)
Optionally link metadata to this token You can add metadata to your Cashtokens using the BCMR-standard.
You create a BCMR JSON file either with the BCMR generator form or with a code-editor by using the BCMR-schema and the official examples.
You will need to upload the image(s) for your token and this BCMR file to HTTPS or to IPFS. The different methods are listed below with more steps for each one. (IPFS recommended)

If you have a GitHub account and know how to use git, you can easily host your BCMR on Github Gist, similar to DogeCash.
You can add an icon image to your gist by following these steps or to put your icon on IPFS, you can use for a single icon or the NFT UP tool for a folders of images.
Then on Github Gists, press "raw" button and copy the url until /raw in the input field below.
Your BCMR url together with the hash of its content will be stored on the blockchain.
You can also host the BCMR json file on your own website, the recommended location for it is /.well-known/bitcoin-cash-metadata-registry.json like the OTR registry does.
Using this, you only need to enter the base url '' below.
Your website url together with the hash of the BCMR file will be stored on the blockchain.
You can easily upload (pin) your BCMR on IPFS with
Uploading multiple images grouped together on IPFS can be done with the NFT UP tool.
Enter the IPFS location of your BCMR json file (version 1 CID starting with baf...) below.
The BCMR location together with the hash of its content will be stored on the blockchain.

Note: Token metadata can still be added/updated later with the token's AuthUTXO.
This authority to update the metadata (AuthUTXO) should be transferred to a dedicated wallet or to the CashTokens Studio right after creation.

Process might take a few seconds...
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